Stampa fotografica fine art a Bolzano!

Today we are talking about fine art photographic printing, that is translated fine art photographic print. We truly believe that photography becomes such only when printed, in this digital age we always have a bulimia of images on our smartphones or computers that we never see and that we don’t really value … oh yes! […]

Godox Ringlight Lr 120 – come realizzare in modo rapido ritratti professionali!

The Ringlight is a circular light that generates a soft and diffused light, allows a completely uniform illumination of the subject … it reduces face spots and dark circles and also illuminates the eyes. This type of light used in different fields has been very successful for videos for stories on instagram, Tic Tok and […]

Come scegliere il fotografo di matrimonio? 8 consigli per una scelta consapevole!

We have recently been called as speakers for two courses dedicated to wedding planners in Italy. Where we have discussed about many topics for training in the sector, and to direct future wedding planners towards understanding the evaluation parameters and the right choice of the photographer for the wedding based on the customer they are […]

FOTOGRAFIA DI MATRIMONIO – come realizziamo i ritratti di coppia?

The moment of the couple portraits during the wedding is always a part in which our spouses take time for themselves, detaching themselves for a short time from the guests creating intimacy between them, without thinking about the frenzy of the day. It is not the part that we consider the most important within the […]

Fotografia aerea di matrimonio con droni

In our wedding photography studio, in the last year we have been using drones for aerial photography. Taking care of wedding photography we use the drone exclusively for this and not for video shooting. For splendid panoramic photos, to have an even wider memory of the location or couple photos from a different perspective. In […]

Il nostro servizio fotografico di matrimonio e il nostro stile fotografico

The photographic style of the individual studio is one of the things that should be fundamental in choosing the photographer. Not all professionals have the same way of working and the same style in the sector and when you find yourself thinking about which photographer to choose, you often don’t think about the main factors […]

Gli Album di Matrimonio – Wedding Book

The wedding album or Wedding Book is the finished product of our work, what is tangible and lasts over time. The product that becomes the only indelible and concrete memory that spouses have of their own wedding. We really believe in printing the file and then in the album! We highly recommend it to all […]

F. A. Q.

We have decided to answer the most frequent questions that are asked and give more information so that it can be easier to understand how we work during your wedding day and maybe choose us for your date. By how long do we have to contact you? What kind of cameras do you use? For […]