Gli Album di Matrimonio – Wedding Book

The wedding album or Wedding Book is the finished product of our work, what is tangible and lasts over time. The product that becomes the only indelible and concrete memory that spouses have of their own wedding.

We really believe in printing the file and then in the album!

We highly recommend it to all couples who rely on us for their wedding.

Loving the printed photo we offer a wide range of products that vary in types, materials, customizations and price.

Almost all our wedding packages include the album as well as delivering the post files produced in JPG format in high resolution.

For couples who prefer to wait before deciding to purchase the album, we offer a package with only delivery of digital files and then evaluate the album or not, without constrictions!

All our products are strictly MADE IN ITALY, characterized by meticulous attention to materials, research and experimentation, as well as the accuracy of details.

The prices of our albums also vary a lot based on the model, materials, number of pages and customizations, including the layout.


The perfect combination of first-class materials, innovative design and timeless quality. Pleasant colors, soft organic surfaces to the touch with breathtaking HD Fine Art printing technology. Characterized by a coupled block of Carta Amalfi (pure cotton) without binding. Surrounded by an Etruscan leather case, a high quality leather made in Tuscany with a rich texture and soft surface, with a Portfolio closure.


An exceptional product capable of enhancing the photographic reportage by combining high definition printing with a prestigious editorial appearance.
To ensure uniqueness and exclusivity, it is made by hand, in a single copy, based on the aesthetic sensibility and the precise choices of the couple.
It is possible to range over a wide range of materials to make it even more personal.



Everything in Favola is designed to offer a vintage touch that transcends time and fashion. The prestigious LINO covering protects the album, bound by cotton thread (Japanese binding) and hand-made with Amalfi paper with a single sheet. Enclosed either with an Etruscan leather case or an elegant customizable box.


The elegant line, the eccentricity of the possible colors and the praise of youth make this line an extremely versatile product. Sophisticated materials, special features such as seamless binding, perfectly flat opening of the pages and the painstaking care of the finishing touches are the hallmarks of every young book. A guaranteed memory to preserve the beauty and emotions of the most beautiful history in the world over time.


It is elegance, authentic unconventional, with high quality, versatility and convenience. The solid cover of the GoBook perfectly complements the book block giving it more consistency. The GoLove album makes it possible to make the product even more personal for the possibility of printing an image on the cover, making it not only an album but also a painting.


Small copies. To share the emotions with the people you love. The ideal gift for one’s parents or close relatives. Each album option allows parents to make a precious and faithful coordinated book for the spouses, with the same number of pages, layout and photos.