Il nostro servizio fotografico di matrimonio e il nostro stile fotografico

The photographic style of the individual studio is one of the things that should be fundamental in choosing the photographer. Not all professionals have the same way of working and the same style in the sector and when you find yourself thinking about which photographer to choose, you often don’t think about the main factors such as the photographic style that the studio offers.

Wedding photography is much more complicated than you think in reality! in wedding photography there are different types of photography, in practice it encompasses almost all of them … in wedding photography we find fashion photography, reportage photography, objects, panoramas, portraiture and couples. With the great difficulty that there is no time to reflect and one must act instinctively. It is one of the most complicated areas in photography. For this reason, if you want a level and unique result, it is important to rely on a study that does this in a specialized way.

In wedding photography I found everything I was passionate about, and the opportunity to express myself creatively at its best and without limits.

As long as you don’t confront yourself directly on the subject, you often don’t really understand it. Our photographic style is equivalent to our true identity as professional wedding photographers.

Regarding the photographic style of our studio, I can say that first of all we love photography in all its forms and therefore we create images that we like deeply, that have sophisticated, unexpected and creative shots.

We love color, and above all we love it intense and vibrant, while still keeping the skin tones on the correct shades.

Contrasts are another fundamental element that distinguishes our photographic style, whether they are light, tone, or color … we always use them in many ways.

We love landscape photography and therefore we were inspired by this to create panoramic images where the couple is inserted into the scene. We use contrast to highlight the couple even if it is often very small in the shot in this way it is always very evident, and we are able to highlight the places at the same time, which in the end are one of the fundamental points of the wedding.

Being two for a single service we can always have two work plans one very close and one much more distant from the couple we photograph, moreover this gives us the possibility to create images in a more creative and at risk position, always having an alternative solution, just as quality.

We use reportage a lot in our work, because we never set anything, we want to document events in the most natural way that is possible … and this also applies to couple photographs, we have different systems and techniques to bring the couple to really smile , to have fun during the shooting, not just thinking about the poses.

As far as post production is concerned, we never distort anything, even if we work a lot in the selection and up phase on every single image. We shoot from 15,000 to 20,000 shots per single event, and yes … there are many … but we don’t want to limit ourselves to anything, we take 300% of ourselves seriously for each service.

We want our post production to be real … We seriously think that photographic post production is like going to see a beautiful panorama from a ravine you have to get close to the edge to see the best panorama, put a step outside the edge and then come back back without falling down

Here is what distinguishes us and differentiates us in our work as a wedding photography studio.