Speaker for the “International Wedding Photo Forum” of wedding photography in Bulgaria.

I took a few days to express my impressions on the latest edition of the 10th anniversary of the International Convention of Wedding Photography “International Forum” organized by Napsfv. It was a really amazing experience for me, participating as a speaker was just crazy! The convention was held in Varna in Bulgaria. A truly fascinating city by the sea where we speakers were hosted in a super room overlooking the sea with natural spas for a week. My speech was the last one, so the tension lasted for me until the end of the convention, I didn’t think it could be such an exciting experience… I was also one of the judges for the critiques of the portfolios of the participating colleagues.

Being one of the speakers at this event meant having the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience with an audience of 300 colleagues… This was an unforgettable moment in my career and personal growth. I have always had great respect for wedding photographers internationally who have been able to create their life on this work. it’s a job that really requires a lot of passion and courage to be able to live off this… and I know it well.

Also among the speakers were my Italian colleagues Matteo Carta and Fulvio Greco, who shared their wedding photography tips and experience.

Also Huy Nguyen, the founder of Fearless Photographers, was a guest of honor at the Convention, who gave a speech on how to improve your wedding photography starting from yourself, from the mindset and about his way of having lived as a photographer himself.

In addition, the Convention has given me the opportunity to meet some really amazing people and fellow photographers who share my passion for photography and have made it their life. In this way we could exchange experiences and learn from each other’s stories….

Ultimately, my experience at the International Wedding Photography Convention “International Forum” organized by Napsfv was an unforgettable experience. I had the chance to share my experience with an international audience and learned from other top-notch photographers and speakers.

I am grateful for this opportunity and look forward to more events like this in the future.