F. A. Q.

We have decided to answer the most frequent questions that are asked and give more information so that it can be easier to understand how we work during your wedding day and maybe choose us for your date.

By how long do we have to contact you?

  • We advise if your date is in the most requested periods of the season or the months of June, July and September, at least one year before the wedding.

What kind of cameras do you use?

  • We use Canon full frame and mirrorless cameras. With fixed optics and professional zoom. As for the flash we use Profoto, if strictly necessary or for creative photos

For how many hours do you stay during the wedding?

  • We have decided, taking an average of the various jobs carried out, to follow, photographically speaking, the day for 12 hours. Depending on the package chosen, however, we can decrease and add hours at an extra cost per hour or offer options, in case it is a “big” wedding, to cover the entire event.

How should we organize for your meals? What do you eat?

  • The day is certainly intense and at a meal we do not give up. Not all the courses required by your menu are necessary, in fact, the only thing we ask is to have a workstation near you. Not necessarily in the room together with your guests but in a place where we can monitor everything to be ready to capture anything.

When do you give us the photos?

  • This is definitely our point in favor, as we deliver JPG files in high resolution on USB support no later than 90 days from the date of your wedding.
    Within two weeks of your date, we send you a small preview of what the entire photo shoot will be with around 100 photos.
    It is also possible to request all the shots of the day in RAW format paying an extra cost.

Are you present even during home preparation?

  • Of course yes!! Or rather, it’s your choice, but we highly recommend it. It is the beginning of the day, a …. it all started from here. Leafing through the album above all from the idea of ​​the story of marriage and in addition it is also the moment in which the bond with us is created, instead of creating it directly in the church, increasing the embarrassment

How long does it take to make couple portraits?

  • Well, let’s face it, the more time we have, the better. But putting on the side of the guests, too, the moment when the spouses disappear is really bad, so to alleviate this burden, we usually propose to divide the photo shoot in two moments, each from 20/30 minutes, maybe even being able to change the time (for example during the sunset) and location, so that the guests and you too can enjoy your day. …. And we look good If you take a look at our works here on the site, the couple photos have all been taken at these times.

What kind of albums do you offer?

  • First of all the album is very important for us, we recommend it to all the couples who rely on us for the wedding day as it is the finished product, it is what is tangible and lasts over time. We offer all Made in Italy albums. Modern but timeless photo books with attention to detail and the possibility of customization by the spouses. Our layout is simple and modern without following trends to make it always appreciated over time.

We need to select the photos for the album?

  • Once the files are delivered we proceed, creating a first draft, a first layout. We forward it and together we can then make the changes you like best. This step we always prefer to do in person, in our studio, so that we can do it live and maybe explain the technical problems in inserting a photo instead of another. Once the changes have been made and sent to press, waiting times are about a month and a half and may vary according to the turnout (September, October)

Who will be the photographer for our wedding?

  • From the moment we get to know each other, you will speak directly with those directly involved, namely, US, me and Marta. We take care of just one wedding by date, focusing all on the quality of the product, without subcontracting the work. We always work together to ensure full coverage of all situations during your day, especially if the number of guests is important.

Do you publish all the photos on your site or on social media?

  • The publication is at your discretion, obviously for us it is an opportunity to let us know and to constantly update the portfolio. In the voice on privacy present on the contract you can choose whether or not to let us publish or use the images for advertising purposes (show the images at the fair in the albums, social media or our site). In any case, if you allow us to publish, we will never use an image that could cause damage or embarrass you.

Should we put ourselves in strange poses?

  • During the day we immortalize everything in the most natural way possible, what you are, without ever interrupting the moment. The only time in which we give directions is during the couple photo shoot, always trying to put you at ease and creating intimacy between you, rather by making you take small walks.

Do you also take formal photos with the guests?

  • During the day we take a lot of reportage photos, nice moments with the guests, dances, jokes, games, telling the day. However, we recommend that you take formal group classic photos with relatives and guests. Always at the discretion of the spouses.