Fotografia aerea di matrimonio con droni

In our wedding photography studio, in the last year we have been using drones for aerial photography. Taking care of wedding photography we use the drone exclusively for this and not for video shooting.

For splendid panoramic photos, to have an even wider memory of the location or couple photos from a different perspective. In our studio, as you know, we love unexpected and unusual shots, and an aerial perspective is an added value!

Obviously we use it in order to comply with all the rules and risks reported at national level by the ENAC. We are already in possession of the new Easa exam which will be valid all over Europe. We are able to guarantee maximum safety in filming according to the legal regulations in force.

The presence of two photographers during the wedding day certainly helps to make the use of the drone even more practical as one of the two deals with this and the other continues the wedding reportage from another perspective.

The moments in which we use it in general are those of the married couple’s portraits, for location and panoramic images.

We always include in our prices the use of aerial photography in our services, and it is used as needed. Obviously we don’t want the whole service to be done in this way, as we value human relationships in our shots and we love to shoot in a close way.

We use a Dji Mavic 2 Pro which is one of the best drones on the market. It allows you to create high resolution raw images and be able to work them as a real file of our reflex cameras. We are certainly excited about it! it is a perfect tool that is added to our photographic kit.