Come scegliere il fotografo di matrimonio? 8 consigli per una scelta consapevole!

We have recently been called as speakers for two courses dedicated to wedding planners in Italy. Where we have discussed about many topics for training in the sector, and to direct future wedding planners towards understanding the evaluation parameters and the right choice of the photographer for the wedding based on the customer they are facing.

It was a beautiful experience! we are honored and happy to have been called for this role. So we wanted to make a short summary here of our blog of what we have explained in the two courses. And our 8 evaluation tips for choosing a wedding photographer. Being a work of art, photography can have many facets, which clearly affect the quality and type of the final result.

Let’s see what they are!

The first evaluation parameter
it is the style of the wedding photographer. For photographic style in the sector, we can broadly say that there are 5 major categories which are: Fashion, Reportage, Fairtale, Artistic, Classic.

The style directed towards fashion generally follows standard parameters, which are currently vintage towards shades of green, shots and choices of the photographer based on pure aesthetic standards as well as many photographs of details. The pros and cons of this style is that the photographer’s personality is actually less evident in the images he creates as he follows the fashions that identify his work.

The Reportage style is the style that is 90% based on spontaneous moments, shots with many elements and all captured documenting what happens, without setting anything in its scenes. It partially incorporates the concepts of newspaper photography or documentary. And generally avoid couple shots or spend very little time on this. Very present in the classic Italian photography where everything is in focus in the shot, with a great use of black and white.

The Fairtale style is a style with an evident post production on lights and faces, making the lights very soft just like in fairy tales. It is very present in Russia and China, where it is definitely the most popular.

Within the Artistic style, on the other hand, there is no search for beauty as such but a search for getting out of standards and dogmas, with some very specific and evident parameters that make the way of working unique. Refined shots based on different studies and a very specific high technical level. The presence of the individual photographer is evident as it stands out precisely for some fundamental characteristics that are unique to his studio. This is certainly the style in which we recognize ourselves most. Thus we manage to differentiate ourselves but at the same time to have the cons that we are very exposed as it is not a type of service for everyone.

Speaking of Classic style, I mean the choices that had been made for years in the sector, a few shots during the wedding and at the right time. A standard and highly researched search in 80% of the images.

the second parameter is one or two photographers.
Many studios work with an assistant with less experience, the cost of an assistant is much lower because it is a photographer at the beginning and not a specific professional who works independently. The evident difference of the shots is remarkable, often the photographer in this case does not separate from his assistant / second photographer as in this way he has a limited responsibility on the service.

Or two fully trained photographers who would be able to manage the wedding photo shoot at the same and identical quality level. This has a great impact on the price of the service, but it allows to always obtain alternative and high risk points of view. In addition to managing the preparations of the spouses independently and in different places. And to guarantee that in any eventuality that happens, there is always a backup of salvation. The synergy created between the two professionals is also very important, because if they work together a tandum it is easy for them to have two distant views on the service.

The third parameter is the number of shots it produces
and not that it delivers, that is, a studio that produces 3,000 images means that it limits the number of shots to reduce the time required for digital processing and selection. While a studio that produces 20,000 shots will spend a lot of time in the selection and post production in terms of hours of work and the search for the perfect shot.

The fourth parameter is the evaluation of a complete photographic wedding service
assessing the quality of a single wedding is very important for evaluating the various situations and that the same level of its portfolio is maintained in every shot and situation. it is a test of the skills and experience that the photographer has during the whole event.

the fifth parameter are the tools it uses
assessing which tools the photographic studio uses, the latest technologies, drones, optics and cameras at the highest and always double levels, means that nothing can go wrong because it will have provided a backup for any eventuality that can happen during the day and that is always updated to best tools.

The sixth parameter is experience in the sector
if he only deals with weddings in a specific way, as in reality in photography there are many sectors that specialize a study in a single field. Specialization in the sector is a very important thing, practically it is fundamental for an above average result. In addition to the years of experience he has done working in marriage. The evaluation of any awards in the sector that guarantee a high quality level.

the seventh parameter is the products it offers,
the research of the final product and production quality are certainly an important evaluation factor. The final product that will keep the memories of the wedding is the real work of art that you will have with you forever. And that your children will be able to see with amazement.

The eighth parameter is whether they work or work directly
it is impossible to guarantee the same quality level by subcontracting a job to other colleagues, the presence of the photographer whose specific portfolio and single service you have seen guarantees the same level and the same vision that you have evaluated. It also greatly limits the amount of weddings that you can manage personally during the year. This means it will spend more time on each individual customer.

One last thing that is often underestimated is the empathy that is created with the study, being this work very intimate, and in a very sexy moment at an emotional level. We consider very important the empathy that is created between the client and the photographic studio, this is because if you feel comfortable with the studio, you will surely be much more relaxed during the images, improving the final result.
On the other hand, we do not evaluate the price as a fundamental parameter as we believe it will be a consequence of these 8 parameters that we have listed, and the relative choices of the studio in terms of hours of work and commitment in the single service as well as what depends on the individual customer this type of service.