FOTOGRAFIA DI MATRIMONIO – come realizziamo i ritratti di coppia?

The moment of the couple portraits during the wedding is always a part in which our spouses take time for themselves, detaching themselves for a short time from the guests creating intimacy between them, without thinking about the frenzy of the day.

It is not the part that we consider the most important within the event, but we know well that at that juncture we can create incredible and creative images.

We as wedding photographers take all the time to create personal and creative images in order to make our couples remember unforgettable and intimate moments of a unique day. It is also a part of the day that we love very much because we have control over the lights and the situation.

In addition to an accurate inspection in the locations, the advantage of being two photographers during the wedding day can also be found at this stage of the day as, we can also move during the wedding to make inspections during the day, so we can speed up and optimize the time to carry out the photo shoot. We never want guests to wait hours for the couple during the wedding day. We want our customers to remember the event positively and be able to fully enjoy it, without remembering how much effort they may have made to create the service.

When the possibility arises, we also use our drone for area photography in order to achieve a different and panoramic perspective. Technically, the phase of choosing the areas in which to shoot is carried out following the areas of contrast, lights and shadows.

During the wedding day we try to limit and make the most of the time to document human relationships, people and the reportage of the events in fact, we prefer to divide the entire photo shoot into two parts of about 25 min, so that we can have two conditions of different light and two different locations, so that our spouses can enjoy their day by making sure that the guests do not notice their absence.

Within our packages we also always offer a package for the couple service made in the days after the wedding in wedding dresses, This is because 70% of our couples are passionate about photography and in this way we can reach distant locations, weather lights and perfect times. In this way we can take advantage of more time and create different and original images without having to think about the time line of the wedding day.

We don’t like poses, on the contrary, we love movement and adventurous couples !! So we never block the moment but we give small indications so that the expressions and body language are as natural as possible. we focus on three elements, hands, lips and eyes. We believe that they are the three elements of non-verbal communication, to which we refer in our work.

Over the years we have adopted different strategies and tricks to make the photo shoot even more pleasant and without making you think of our rooms, therefore looking for real laughs or real intimacy! We don’t want the couple to pose, we don’t like the things set. We believe there is nothing better than spontaneity for our customers.

Here are some shots that we made during our couple sessions during the wedding!