Reviews of spouses who have relied on our photographic services for their weddings in Italy.

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The best !

Luke, great !!! Professionalism and competence first of all, plus put in a mix of sympathy and dynamism, our wedding could not have had a better photographer!

Attentive to all the details and always ready to capture the best moments. Really tops


I chose Luca for my wedding photos after a long search.. we wanted beautiful but also real shots.. Luca is cheerful, precise and punctual, always available and patient. He knows how to put you at ease, making you forget he’s photographing you. He is a great artist and his photos show his attention to detail and love in what he does.. thanks to Luca and his photographic and video team. A fantastic team who made our wedding even more special!

FRANCESCA (photographic course)

I chose and entrusted myself to Luca even though I didn’t know him personally but only by “fame”. He was immediately available, he prepared a personalized course for me, focusing on my needs, so that my training hours with him were tailor-made for what interested me. I think I still have a lot to learn but if someone wants to grow in photography or simply has a passion, there’s no doubt, I recommend it to you at 360 degrees.

He always manages to keep you active and interested all the time.


I have worked with many different photographers cross various countries before. I have to say that Luca is definitely the best among them. We had two days of shooting together, and it was a wonderful, unique and unforgettable experience. First of all, communication was very smooth before and after shooting. Luca is detail oriented and considerate. Secondly, he has a great passion for photography, unlimited creativity and imagination. I think Luca capture the landscape, the light, the mood and personality wonderfully. The final work was amazing. Last but not least, he provides very useful advice on Dolomites shooting, such as picking date, safety, etc. I can feel his extreme love for photography work. Strongly recommended, and we’ll definitely come back and work with him again.


Thank you Luca, yours are not just photos or images but they are pure emotions… Every time I look at them I am moved because you have the gift of reviving them. your art is MAGIC…thank you!

ILARIA (photographic course).

I turned to Luca for an individual course, which was customized to my equipment, my products and my location. In just a couple of hours he taught me a lot, gave me several useful tips and was also available to give me feedback in the future. Absolutely recommended 🙂


Having them as photographers for this much desired day turned out to be the right and obvious choice. Beating the “competition”, with their wonderful shots they made us feel at ease throughout the day, having never done a professional shooting. Top choice to use the drone! Very helpful with regards to post production. Well done, young, very nice .. choice that we would do another 1,000 times! our guests were also very surprised. Thanks ❤️


We immediately liked their professionalism, their previous services and their relaxed and friendly attitude, so we decided to rely on them for our wedding. During the morning preparations, the ceremony and the following celebrations, they were always very careful to capture the most significant moments. Not only did they pay attention to us as newlyweds, but they also captured great emotional moments with our loved ones at the wedding party. So we have many memories that we would otherwise have lost and missed.

Shortly after, we received a first overview of our photos via link and we were overwhelmed by the emotion!

They were also very professional in the subsequent composition of the wedding album and fulfilled our wishes. To sum it up, we felt very comfortable and glad we called them for our wedding!

We recommend them wholeheartedly!


We were immediately struck by their way of communicating with us: we immediately had a good understanding! This impression became a certainty as we met to discuss what to do for the wedding: graphics for the invitations, practical organization of the “fateful” day 🙂 and suggestions for creating the album (which in our case was included in the chosen package). The creation of the invitation was particular, due to our specific requests. But Luca has always been able to follow us and satisfy us 🙂 We were followed throughout the wedding day right from the preparation. Our guests also noticed their professionalism. In fact, we found many photos of all the most important, fun and exciting moments! Everything you could want in order to have a wonderful memory of “our day”. They have dedicated particular dedication to the artistic photos which, although not having included them all in our album, we have kept in a special way for us. Very appreciated by all guests, it was the opportunity to see all the photos of the day after a short time via a link. Everyone was able to connect and experience the emotions of the “day” at any time. In conclusion, they have always been very helpful, flexible and proactive. Creative and collaborative! We are happy with our choice. Thank you!


They were really good all the way up to the wedding. Their photos were truly exceptional, one more beautiful than the other. Their professionalism was fully manifested on the wedding day, on a really rainy day, they managed to find the best solutions to take unforgettable memories. All the post-wedding work was great and on schedule. Before the photos were delivered, we were given a wonderful slideshow that was shared with family and friends. We can only recommend Luca and thank them for helping to make the day unforgettable.


Just today that the photo album has arrived, we can only confirm once again the enormous professionalism of two young photographers who with simplicity and sympathy have given life to a fantastic photo shoot for our wedding !! ❤️? The photos are exceptional and the album is just as great !!!!? All our esteem and recognition to Luca and his team, who made such an important day special, deserving the prestigious awards won with their photographs. We hope to see you soon and in any case we will keep you in consideration for some other special event! Alessandro e Luca


What they created was a real experience beyond marriage itself. We respect them and love their works, obviously ours is one of them, but they were also appreciated by all the guests, who gave us extremely positive feedback. Speaking of prices, they are fair and indeed, perhaps I was expecting something more, after all the shots they took and the requests they satisfied. A great advantage is that being always two, you have more points of view and the drone from above gives great photos: another point of view that is not indifferent. Highly recommended, too nice and super helpful: pay attention only to Luca’s long walks !! 🙂 🙂


Getting married at 25 is a fairy tale that every woman dreams of as a child, but getting married at 50 is another story so I wanted it to be a day that my children and I could hardly forget then we carefully searched for the choice of our photographers because we wanted to immortalize our emotions and our faces marked by time but with so much joy and happiness of the farm still give love. They managed to immortalize all our emotions and desires but above all our happiness and our children, who wants a fairytale wedding and that can remain in a shot then do not doubt and choose this studio.


Being a photographer too, I immediately understood that Luca had a unique sensitivity and a fantastic eye for composition, so I had no doubts in contacting him to let us do this wonderful shoot! Luca is a wonderful person! He puts you at ease and it was very easy to establish a nice complicity with him! We had a lot of fun and thanks to him we had a wonderful experience and we took home a memory, which thanks to him we can relive it at any time! I recommend everyone to experience this beautiful thing! Heartfelt thanks Luca !!


We were struck by the originality of their photos.

They have always proved to be easy-going, empathetic people, willing to understand our needs and to enhance both our personality and the chosen location with their magic touch, also thanks to the use of innovative techniques.

In addition to this they were able to put us at ease during the shooting sessions, despite our initial awkwardness.

Even the usual photos, which in any case cannot be missing, are taken with an unprecedented look.

Finally, the album we have chosen is truly a work of art, characterized by fine prints and finishes; in addition, the selection of photos proposed, which we were able to refine, was the common thread to make these pages a story of this unforgettable day!


They are fantastic photographers, full of ideas and instantly make you feel at ease. They managed to photograph in such an original way one of the most beautiful days of our life as a couple. They were also super patient to wait for the optimal moment to immortalize us together with our hairy baby Athena. Thank you so much for giving us moments to remember forever.


What can I say .. Truly a wonderful discovery .. immediately they gave me a sign of professionalism and courtesy. If you are looking for a photographer who is close to you on your wedding day, who reassures you, who follows you step by step to capture every moment of your “most beautiful day”, who does not give you indications on what to do and how to behave, but who succeeds to seize every moment without being intrusive .. here are the best! because for them the most important thing is to highlight the uniqueness of that day! they were really good, they immediately put us at ease !! Thank you so much, you took some wonderful photos of us !!!


We were delighted with our choice, their friendliness, their smile, their ability to make you feel at ease. Excellent photo shoot.

The wonderful photos and album! Going back we would definitely choose them !!! 100% satisfied!


They were perfect to accompany the most beautiful day of our life: our wedding.

They are kind, very professional and above all they have taken wonderful photos.

Congratulations again and thank you!


For our special day we simply couldn’t find better photographers. Humanly they are very sweet people, they immediately made us feel at ease and both during the preparatory meetings and during the same day they showed exemplary professionalism, fairness and generosity. Creatively they are really good, they helped us develop our ideas by bringing a lot of original and imaginative tricks, shots and approaches. All the guests were impressed by their discretion and kindness; they managed to document every single moment of the day never being intrusive but still capturing every nuance, every emotion and every look from the best angles and always putting a lot of passion and creativity into it. Upon delivery of the photos (in a very short time) we clearly perceived the satisfaction and authentic joy of being able to leave precious memories to the newlyweds. Highly recommended in all respects. Thanks again for making our special day even more special!


They were fantastic, always present but never intrusive, indeed almost invisible …

Natural, spontaneous and artistic photos at the same time!

I highly recommend them, we couldn’t have made a better choice for our big day ..


I will not change it anymore

Luca, a young boy and always full of ideas.

The photos are nothing short of fantastic, never posed but very natural … The availability is always almost excessive.

It manages not to make you subject to the photos but you are always very free.


Our requests were fully respected.

Punctuality, discretion and harmony have ensured that our day was immortalized in wonderful memories.

Thank you, very special service!


There was a very high level of professionalism and competence!

Ability to fully understand the needs, needs and requests of us spouses, following us step by step but without ever being intrusive or invasive especially during the wedding day.

Well done!


We had a pleasant impression during the first meeting, which was then confirmed! The “cooperation” was pleasant, they were not at all intrusive and always polite.

And then the way of treating all the children present was great!

The result? the photos are just beautiful, thanks for everything!


There are no words to describe the skill

Luca is really very good, professional, punctual and kind. On the wedding day, two of them showed up and took more than 1500 photos, each one more beautiful than the other.

He has a totally innovative and youthful style!


Great professionalism, fabulous photos and great patience and flexibility. Always present, available and discreet throughout the day. Arrived with a very good colleague.

I recommend Luca and his team to all future spouses.


We booked Luca as a photographer for our wedding in Bolzano. We were really happy with the preparation before the wedding, how he followed us during the wedding and above all we were amazed by the photos he took. He helped us find the right company to make the wedding video and was great with our multilingual guests (German, English, Italian). Bottom line: good guy, great service and great result!


Fotografo molto professionale ma anche simpatico e bravo.

La sua presenza non si sentiva, ci potevamo muovere liberamente senza doverci mettere in posa e le foto sono venute stupende.

I momenti più belli sono stati colti e resi indimenticabili.