Matrimonio a Borgo dei Posseri, Ala, Trento

A nice summer memory of a wedding photo shoot made in September at Borgo dei Posseri, Ala, Trento.

Sara and Mattia are two guys with whom we really bonded a lot! Cheerful and cheerful. It was a fantastic experience working for them.

Our job often needs to create a relationship with the couple to go further and really understand what it is important for the couple to document … every wedding is in the end a story in itself!

And sometimes it is very easy to get in touch! : D We love meeting new people, and this is one of the points in favor of the way we work as photographers. We don’t like to stop at appearances but we always aim to create something truly unique and personal for each client. In the end, more than for an economic discussion, our choice of this type of work was born from a true and deep passion for photography and wedding photography. There is much more to wedding photography than you actually think. there is the photography of objects, fashion, reportage, etc … making an eternal, personal and creative memory is not a joke at all, when you don’t have time to reflect but only to act instinctively.

Their wedding was a dream wedding! They married together in Ala-Avio, in a very very beautiful room of the Brasavola palace in Avio, Trento. The location is one of the most beautiful locations that exist in my opinion, when they took part in their wedding they were really in a flurry of being able to work in a place that was new and as special for us as Borgo dei Posseri. We often work as wedding photographers in Trento but we never happened! Well yes … the truth is that returning to the same place 20-30 times is much more complicated for us than finding ourselves in a new place. Because it is true that we know the position but we must always try not to repeat our choices because in reality when you want to create something creative, unexpected and new you must always put yourself in a position to get out of your comfort zone. This is always the secret to a great result in photography and as a professional wedding photographer, we know it very well by now.

next summer we have several weddings all over Italy, scheduled! and it’s still a dream for us! we are really looking forward to making exceptional works!

In the meantime, here are the images of the report by Sara and Mattia, Happy viewing! : D