Matrimonio a Roma | Italia | Villa Dino | di Alessandro e Luca

The last wedding we made was that of Alessandro and Luca, one really great couple! We bonded a lot with them … in the evening as soon as we arrived away we had dinner with them, I think we really shared a lot and received a lot, above all I understood what was really important […]

Martina + Michele | Matrimonio a Bressanone | Brix0.1 |

Here we are again to tell you about one of the last weddings made in September. Martina and Michele’s wedding in Bressanone. Emotion, excitement, fun and love are the sensations we have perceived and therefore immortalized with our images. We love to tell our couples in a natural and spontaneous way, without interrupting any moment […]

Selene + Fabiano | Catel Katzenzungen | Matrimonio a Merano | Prissiano

Wet bride lucky bride!! What can I say, if this saying is true our two spouses will be very lucky !!! ☺️ The wedding of Selene and Fabiano was nothing short of an exceptional wedding, full of emotion, fun and water. We want to take this opportunity to tell you about the much feared rain […]

La preparazione durante il matrimonio

Today I want to talk about the preparation during the wedding, and its importance in the photographic story of the wedding day. Often couples who do not have clear ideas about this part of the day in photographic terms, and who do not adapt to the outline of the importance of observing. For this reason […]

Matrimonio a Borgo dei Posseri, Ala, Trento

A nice summer memory of a wedding photo shoot made in September at Borgo dei Posseri, Ala, Trento. Sara and Mattia are two guys with whom we really bonded a lot! Cheerful and cheerful. It was a fantastic experience working for them. Our job often needs to create a relationship with the couple to go […]