Alessandro & Luca


Working as a wedding photographer in Rome in the Italian capital, and being chosen as a wedding photographer in a city so unique for our style and quality of work is one of the greatest satisfactions for us.
We have always believed in the quality of wedding photography, because we don’t want to just create photographs…
but we have the goal of creating real conceptual works of art with the personality of the couple. We don’t want to create images to please social vanity but to remember something unique, through reality… because reality is simple, beautiful but above all it’s unique… just like we want our works, unique for each couple! 😀
The wedding location was Villa Dino, in Rome, a location that is truly an understatement to say a dream!
We used our dji mavic 2 pro drone for aerial shots and our Canons for shooting. Made the couple shots at the Colosseum, since they had met right nearby, and a couple shoot the day before to reach different parts of the city and not have to think about that part of portraiture during the event.
The dog Fabrizio, a very lucky foundling, was certainly at the center of our story, and he is truly a beautiful and very good model!


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