Martina & Michele


Martina and Michele’s wedding in Bressanone.
Emotion, excitement, fun and love are the sensations we have perceived and therefore immortalized with our images.

We love to tell our couples in a natural and spontaneous way, without interrupting any moment or setting the scene. We prefer to observe and interpret the couple, grasping every little facet and difference. Making different images from classic wedding photography.

As for the wedding day of our couple, we started to tell the day, as we always do, from the preparation, of both of course! It is one of the parts we prefer, not so much to capture the closure of the dress but for the emotions, agitations and everything that happens during this phase, which dictates between us, always something interesting and different !!
The wedding took place in Bressanone, the religious ceremony in a beautiful church.

We took the couple photos in a fortress.
To be prepared and speed up times, it is our scruple to view the place where we would go to make the couple’s photo shoot, doing a detailed scouting.
In their case we played both inside the fortress and outside.

We then went to the location of the reception, Brix 0.1, where our spouses and guests indulged in the dances and we did the same !!! 😊

We leave you with some shots of the day!


Beatrice & Luca


Andrea e Thomas

Soprabolzano, Bz

Ludovica e Massimo