La preparazione durante il matrimonio

Today I want to talk about the preparation during the wedding, and its importance in the photographic story of the wedding day. Often couples who do not have clear ideas about this part of the day in photographic terms, and who do not adapt to the outline of the importance of observing. For this reason we wrote this post on our blog.

First of all, we must think of our work as wedding photography and a real story. Photography is a language of communication. In general, our day starts from a real introduction, which represents the mood of the day, and which answers the following questions: where will the event take place? what is the application? the weather? in which city or town? with who?

After this we move on to the actual preparation. A complete story for us part inserted but even earlier, not doing this part is a bit like opening a book from the second chapter without going through the introduction and the first … it’s a real shame.

Often during the initial part of the wedding he is particularly excited, having a photographer around us is never an easy impact to overcome. But I assure you that it is much better to overcome it during the preparations than afterwards. The moment you no longer realize our presence, it will be the moment when you are most photogenic. And that is precisely our goal.

We consider this job to be a very intimate job, more than you actually think. And each wedding photographer performs the service differently. Entrust this service, which will have incredible importance starting from the day after the event, who is truly specialized in this sector and you will see that you will make the right choice!

The studio you choose for your wedding will be in close contact with you throughout the day. So often the harmony with the study by the couple is one of the factors not to be underestimated when choosing.

As I said during the ceremony, where the emotion reaches its peak of the day is certainly not the best time to melt the ice, quite the contrary. In addition, our photographic style helps a lot during the preparation phase because by choice, we do not set anything. But we document what happens naturally without thus creating a work pattern for us, as our goal as creatives is to create a unique and personal job for our customers every time, leaving our comfort zones for every photo shoot we create.

If we set the scenes, it would be very easy to make every identical job be and that’s exactly what we don’t want to do. Each wedding is unique, different and personal, we want this to be evident in our images.

During the preparation part, photographing professionals within the event is essential. Of course this has a different cost than a single photographer for the event, but it has many advantages and not only for this phase of the day. In addition, it is certified that two photographers means two professional photographers of the same level, training and style. And not a photographer and an assistant, this changes everything.

We must split up and follow the preparations of the bride and groom independently at the same time. Usually we ask for 2h for this part of the day, and I assure you it is two hours well spent!

It’s not just about closing the buttons and putting on a jacket or a wedding dress … it’s much more, the closest people are gathered, the emotion that you will remember forever is documented, that unique feeling that you feel just before the customer big day, the unexpected (which always happens for everyone), the tears of emotion, etc.

it’s something really important believe me, more than you think. And if there are children it is something that we consider almost fundamental as we are able to interact more with them or document the spontaneity that only they are able to dare.

here are some pictures that we made during this time of day!