Ylenia e Denis – Bolzano, Laives – Cantine Lageder, Magrè

Denis and Ylenia, a beautiful couple from Bolzano who met during the Sposi Fiera in Bolzano, who from that day on gave us confidence in the photo shoot for their wedding.
The first question that was asked was: but should we pose?
A very frequent question from the spouses. Posing interrupts the moment, does not make it natural but set, and expressions also become it accordingly.
So our answer for them as for all couples is: ABSOLUTELY NO.
During the day we let time flow as you planned it, managing to capture the moment in its natural state. During the couple photo shoot we give directions but we certainly don’t pose!
By working like this we have received a lot of positive feedback and even couples are much more peaceful and natural in their photos.
Just like them.
The reception of their wedding took place at the Cantine Lageder in Magrè, with attention to the smallest detail. It was a location that certainly put us to the test with regards to light but we like challenges. So armed with equipment suitable for any condition, we took the opportunity to create original and different images
We leave you with some of our shots.