Wedding Photography Awards 2019

2019 has been an incredible year for us, in terms of experience and professional growth.

in 2019 we won 41 international wedding photography awards, which for us who have just started to participate in these competitions at these levels, is an incredible achievement! in addition to a visibility on the Italian territory that we didn’t expect for sure.

Actually we started to participate in these competitions, and we will continue to do so, not for a speech of visibility, but because for us it is a constant stimulus to be able to do better and better in our work, to confront international wedding photography professionals helps very very much. And I assure you that the level is really high!

As a wedding photographer it is easy to stay in your own schedules, always do the same type of work at each event, and that is what we have chosen to avoid as professionals! … We believe that we can be truly creative only when we leave our area of comfort and from our schemes.

Despite the great achievements achieved in the past year with our mind we are already on the next wedding season that will start from Solda, in Trentino Alto Adige with a splendid winter wedding on the ski slopes, up to the warm Amalfi Coast. Passing through Senigallia, Grosseto, Mantua, Verona, Rome and other different areas of Italy …. oh yes! next season he will make us tour all over Italy. And it is a dream that has come true!

Thinking of being called all over Italy for the quality of our work is something really crazy for us! It is the best recognition for the many sacrifices we have made.

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A large number of couples have trusted us and we are really looking forward to starting this 2020 wedding season, to be able to create better and exceptional images, just as we like! and that transmit the true soul of our customers! : D

2019 was certainly a year full of successes. One of the last prizes we have won, and the most important for us, comes from Fearless, the most complicated wedding photography competition ever because of the quantity and the very high level of participants from all over the world.

In addition to 2 awards from ISPWP, 13 from Best Wedding Photography Wedisson, 11 from Wed awards, 5 from My wed, 1 from Anfm Italian wedding association, 4 from Inspiration photographers awards, 2 Fearless Right On, 1 Fearless Honorable Mention.

Anfm In addition, this year gave us the title of ANFM Selected Photographer as Selected Photographers to be part of the best Italian wedding photography professionals!

In progress we have also received a nomination from LuxLife Magazine as emerging talents in the wedding photography sector 2020! we will announce the results shortly.

By clicking Here you can find our gallery relating to all our prizes won in constant updating ->

In addition to these prizes and awards, we have been called to speak at an international conference of wedding photographers to be held in Bulgaria from 6 to 9 April in front of over 200 professional photographers! To talk about our way of interpreting wedding photography, alongside international professionals who we watched from afar dreaming only a few years ago.

We still have a long way to go to reach our professional goals, but we really wanted to share with you these small and great successes of ours, arrived from love and our greatest common passion wedding photography!

Trust us, there is much more than what people think behind good wedding photography. 🙂