Valentina e Walter | Servizio Fotografico Maternity

Valentina and Walter a couple in love with nature and our territory, Trentino Alto Adige, so much to choose it as a location for the photographic service during one of the most important periods in the life of a couple and especially a mother, pregnancy. In the case of Valentina and Walter we took both outdoor shots, surrounded by nature and surrounded by the Odle in the beautiful Val di Funes, and in our studio, playing with lights and contrasts, involving them both, thus creating natural and spontaneous moments. Thus obtaining modern and innovative images that best describe our couple and their desires.

One of the most intimate and personal photo shoots is definitely the photo shoot in pregnancy or Maternity, to capture one of the most beautiful and exciting moments in a couple’s life. So as to remember those moments in a tangible way, watching and leafing through the album with the family even after years. The maternity photo shoot is a photo shoot made preferably between the thirty-second and thirty-sixth week of pregnancy, involving not only the future dad but also siblings, little sisters and why not a four-legged friend, creating a real family memory. It is possible to take shots in the studio or outdoors, lasting about two hours, with dress changes (of your choice) including photos of the couple or family. From 40 to 50 images processed in post production are delivered in high resolution