Giulia & Massimo


Giulia and Massimo, a couple from Bolzano so in love with Tuscany that they chose her as the location for their wedding.
In their case, the day, I remember, began with a fixed thought from the bride (common to many other brides) the RAIN, since they had planned to organize the whole reception outside Villa Bellaria without the famous plan B.

Seconds of desperation during the preparation as the wind was rising and a nice cloud was moving right over our heads but moments later everything was clear. Quieting everyone a bit, including us, because yes, on that day we become part of your day, blending with you, your family, your friends, your loved ones, creating that feeling that makes us almost invisible, resulting in in our photos yourself, natural and true. Like them.

We did the couple’s photo shoot in the charming village of Campagnatico, taking advantage of the beautiful landscape and playing with light and shadows, up to the wonderful location, cared for down to the last detail, where we indulged in capturing moments.

I believe that during their day the spouses generally observe everything but only for a second, they are so caught up in so many thoughts and emotions that they almost escape. Thus we enter into action, stopping time, making those moments unforgettable, magical.


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