Selezionati tra i migliori 30 fotografi di matrimonio al mondo! da ISPWP


It is truly the first time for us that we have received such an important award! today we have been ranked among the best 30 wedding photographers in the world and among the top 7 in Italy of 2020 by one of the most important associations in the world of wedding photography ISPWP. It really is a great success and we weren’t expecting it! an incredible result!

For those unfamiliar with the ISPWP association, it consists of 4 contests with thousands and thousands of wedding photographers from all over the world participating. These prizes were calculated on the basis of the four annual results of the photo competitions. Each contest has four randomly selected judges who rate all submitted images. Images are judged anonymously and independently assessed for the most impartial approach possible. Each contest is about 45,000 – 50,000 images sent in a year solely related to wedding photography!

This result is the realization of a dream that is becoming reality, step by step … day after day … with all our energy and our sacrifices that we constantly make to achieve our dreams. I remember that only a few years ago s

I just wanted to achieve these results and be competitive in this incredibly talented association with thousands of photographers from all over the world! Not for my ego but to achieve this quality and constantly grow with all my colleagues, to create a better image every day than the previous one for our clients … we still have a lot to grow, and we still have a lot of energy to do it ! I don’t have many words to explain it … so I’d just say …

Thank you so much ISPWP for building such an amazing association that shows the hard work we consistently believe in! 🎉📸😍

Here are the winning images of this year 2020 and the link to the association ->