Elena e Luca – Trento – Villa De Mersi, Villazzano – Alpen Rose, Vattaro

Elena and Luca, a couple from Trento, immediately told us how their marriage would be organized with emotion and emotion, making us feel part of their marriage too.
A winter wedding in Trento, celebrated in the splendid Villa de Mersi.
We perceived the love in the air, the passion and the emotion, their speeches were exciting (making Marta cry too) and the photos reflected all this in full. Villa de Mersi has allowed us to create a small part of the couple’s photo shoot, making sure that the guests started heading for L’Alpen Rose, the place of the reception but without making them wait long.
Their day was characterized by their passions, songs, dances, fun and children. All supported by a beautiful day and the winter atmosphere. To end the day with beautiful fireworks.
We leave you with some shots of the day.