Angela e Manuel – Strembo, Trento – Astoria Park Hotel Spa Resort, Riva del Garda

Angela and Manuel di Strembo, sunny, excited, in love, spontaneous.
Their marriage took place between Strembo and Riva del Garda.
During the preparation moments are always created in which there is a mix of agitation and emotion, surrounded by the love of family and friends, where we capture intimate and spontaneous moments.
Manuel supported by his sister and little grandson, a bit lost and incredulous, Angela with her sister and bridesmaids.
At the entrance of the bride in the church all the emotions, looks moved and in love, the happiness of all the guests were amplified.
After the ceremony in the church and some pranks from the guests we carried out the first part of the couple photo shoot in the alleys of the village, creating a bit of intimacy between them.
Then we arrived at Riva del Garda, at the location of the reception, the Astoria Park Hotel Spa Resort, we took advantage of the beautiful Lake Garda for the second part of couple photos and some nice pictures with friends and bridesmaids. Immortalizing spontaneous images.
During the reception we took reportage photos in the splendid hall and nice and playful photographs for jokes, up to the cutting of the cake and their first dance. Concluding in beauty with the launch of the bouquet …. grabbed by her sister …. it could be the next 😜

We leave you with some of our shots of the day.