Verena & Giorgio

Fiè allo Sciliar

The wedding of Verena and Giorgio, a wedding that took place entirely at the Grottnerhof, in Fiè allo Sciliar. An event organized with a lot of passion by this wonderful couple and by the team of the Romantik Hotel Turm in fiè, which for some years has prepared a location for events truly surrounded by greenery …

I love simple weddings, those where you focus a lot on things important, and so was their marriage. There was no lack of the particularity of a cake with a variety of Strudel only and the romatic warmth of the wood fire and music during the evening … a suggestive and romantic place where all the tables were lit by a candle and the wood gave a typical touch Alto Atesino to the whole event … what about … the images to you! 😀


Giulia & Michelangelo


Fabiola & Livio

Pergine Val Sugana

Cristina & Lorenzo